Aline Ayoub HR Consulting

Aline Ayoub HR Consulting

Ayoub HR provides human resources advice, support and advocacy to small and medium organizations that do not have an in-house human resources team. They are passionate about people’s growth and are committed to help, change and transform the people in organizations. When it comes to HR, it’s better to know them before you need them.

Our work with Ayoub HR

Aline Ayoub approached us looking for a WordPress developer that could take her site and business to the next level. Already with several hundred pages, we took great care cross-referencing content so that users could search by topic or the format (such as videos or articles). To do the excellent content justice, every page on the site had to be redesigned.

The final product: The site has come a long way from it’s original form. has:

  • Targeted email marketing: Users are split into two sales funnels, each granting its respective users reward ebooks and a weekly newsletter to AyoubHR events and tools.
  • Ecommerce: Users can purchase information products and download them right on the site. Events can be selected and tickets purchased through the dedicated events calendar.
  • Memberships: Customers can sign up for a monthly subscription to receive special benefits, including discounts on Ayoub HR products and event tickets.
  • Secure, fast environment: The site’s SSL integration protects users’ information and is supported on top of our robust and blazing-fast WordPress-optimized hosting platform.

Aline and Marlowe pose with with an earlier version of the site at the launch partyLaunch party

When the time came, Aline dropped by our office for our usual launch party. Soon after arriving, Aline got to “push the big red button” that launched the site. We popped the champagne and all celebrated several months of work and planning with a toast and a photo.

Words from the client

Aline AyoubI’ve been working with Marlowe, founder of YES Creative for almost two years. The service is impeccable. Marlowe is very easy to work with, timely, flexible and creative. We’ve gone through many changes initiated by the constant transformation of our business, AyoubHR Consulting. I highly recommend them. Whether you are a start-up or have been around for a while, you will be a satisfied client. Guaranteed!

Aline Ayoub
President & CEO
Aline Ayoub HR Consulting