Association of Sign Language Interpreters

Association of Sign Language Interpreters

The Association of Sign Language Interpreters is an Indian not-for-profit organization affiliated with NAD and The Deaf Way Foundation. Their mandate is to provide a voice for The Deaf of India through the standarization, organization and continued practice of their Indian Sign Language Interpreters — for which no other organization exists. As a start up organization, Marlowe Andreyko was there to take part in creating their identity. For more information on the organization, visit their website.


ASLI logo

“Our aim is to provide the deaf community of India with quality interpreting services, empowering them to live fuller, better lives; while providing our members with quality training and opportunities for growth in their profession”.
— ASLI mission statement

Because this was an entirely new kind of organization for India, I wanted to create something iconographic. The four letters for A, S, L and I are represented here in Indian Sign Language pictograms; they can be read left, right, left, right (top-to-bottom) respectively.

As a nation-wide initiative, ASLI’s logo reflects India’s massive diversity by displaying a different colour behind every pictogram. Because part of the accreditation program involves education, academic-style colours were chosen. The final wordmark (below) uses Jenson Pro Semibold Display for the acronym to impart respectability and strength. The subheader is in Gill Sans Regular for legibility at small sizes.

ASLI ID CardIdentification Cards

ASLI’s Indian Sign Language standardization program required that accredited interpreters carry ID cards. The card leaves fields for member number, image and other information to completed and laminated.

The design was fairly straightforward; the areas of both the front and back are separated by rounded rectangles (to complement the logo) that divide the organization’s and member’s information. This separation meant that the logo needed to occupy less vertical space and still accommodate ASLI’s contact information. I solved this problem by moving Association of Sign Language Interpresters to the right of the rest of the wordmark and running the contact info in smaller type (Myriad Pro) longways below the wordmark.