The Deaf Way Foundation

The Deaf Way Foundation

The Deaf Way Foundation teacherThe Deaf Way Foundation (Deaf Way) specializes in educational programs for the Deaf and is affiliated with the Association of Sign Language Interpreters and the National Association of the Deaf.

“We are committed to educate, empower and advocate for the Deaf community of India by providing quality services in an inclusive and enabling environment”.
— Deaf Way Mission Statement

Deaf Way BrochureBrochure

Deaf Way wanted a comprehensive brochure that would be attractive to donours and prospective students both. We felt new students would be attracted to a brochure that mirrored those characteristics.

A large part of Deaf Way’s student body is deaf youth aged between 15 and 25 years. Deaf youth have an amazing ability to express themselves emotionally and artistically. But it needed to be corporate enough to appeal to more business-minded donours.

The brochure gives facility, program and service information offered by The Deaf Way Foundation and background information on the Deaf movement. Each section has a representative graphic with artistic flair; depicting scenes meant to stir emotion and spark interest in the content.

Facts were inserted for further interest in the margins of every page, serving to help educate people with information that might otherwise not have made it into the brochure. The final brochure was printed on near card-stock glossy paper and saddle stitched.

Event Banner | Helen Keller Student Awards

Helen Keller Student Awards 2008 Banner

The Helen Keller Student Awards, like their namesake, seek to celebrate those who have achieved excellence in spite of their physical disabilities. An annual event held at various locations across India, The Awards in Delhi are the largest in attendance, venue size and stage size. The task was to create a striking stage banner — one nearly 30 feet (9m) long and ten feet (3m) high.

Helen Keller, being blind and a deaf mute, relied almost exclusively on touch to communicate with the outside world. Visually, I wanted the banner to convey a tactile quality and incorporate Deaf Way’s official colours, yellow and lime green.